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Tiger Red-Wing HD Rotary Mower
Hardee By EVH   T-9510-PTW
Model: T-9510-PTW
Order #: 25515
Product Details

All mowers are equipped with Heavy Duty Gearboxes with 2" Output Shafts, Extra Heavy Duty Transfer Gearboxes, Round Blade Carriers, Shielded "Slip Clutch" Drive, Replaceable Skid Shoes, Sturdy 7 GA. Welded Deck and Sides, Tongue Jack, Heavy Duty Self Leveling type Hitch with swivel clevis, Rubber Shielding (front and rear), Stroke Control Blocks on Center Lift Cylinder, Hydraulic Wing Lift Cylinders, Transport Locks for Wings, and Springs on all Wheels.

Product Photos
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