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  • What hydraulic oil does Hardee use?
    AW68 Hydraulic Oil
  • How do I winterize my sprayer pump?
    Please Click here to refer to the information provided from Hypro pumps.
  • How can I search for the machine I am looking for?
    With our new website, you can search from the "Search Box" in the right corner! There are numerous ways you can search for a product; You can search by the "Name of the Product", "Current Part Number", and even "Older Part Numbers"!
  • My login ID to order parts is not working?
    LOGIN CHANGE NOTICE: Dealers, If this is your first time attempting to log in to a previous account to order products, and or view pricing since the launch of our new website, we ask that you contact us for a brief phone call to update your login information. ​ Thank you, and sorry for this inconvenience, for further details please contact us!, -Hardee By EVH MFG CO.
  • How can I find parts for equipment that is no longer manufactured?
    We still stock many parts for our older equipment. If you are not sure of your part number, click on the PRODUCTS TAB and click RETIRED PRODUCTS. Search this listing for a breakdown of parts for the model you are searching. You may order these from the website or the plant as long as they are still available.
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