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Hydraulic Boom Mowers
Hardee By EVH   LR40142
Model: LR40142
Order #: 22800
Product Details
Mower has an electric over hydraulic valve for boom control.
  •  Convenient 8-function Single Joystick Control
  •  16' Reach & 42" Cutting Deck
  •  Category 2 Quick or Standard Hitch
  •  No-Drift Load Holding Valve
  •  Replaceable Bushings in all Pivots
  •  Hydraulic Valve Features Both Vertical & Horizontal Break-aways
  •  Folds Behind Tractor For Compact Transport
  •  540 RPM PTO Operating Speed
  •  Blade Tip Speed is 14,720 FPM
  •  ½" x 3 ½" Free Swinging Blade
  •  Cutting Capacity up to 4" in Diameter
  •  Flip-up Cutting Gate
A single remote from the tractor is required; Valve must have a detent position for constant flow. Note:  TRACTORS, EQUIPMENT AND OPTIONS VARY, VERIFY THROUGH MANUFACTURER OR DEALER TO CONFIRM IF YOUR TRACTOR MAY REQUIRE A POWER BEYOND KIT; TO PREVENT DAMAGE TO THE TRACTOR AND IMPLEMENT HYDRAULIC SYSTEMS. Mower comes fully assembled including 35 gallons of hydraulic oil.
(Some tractors may require additional ballast or weights.)
Product Photos
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