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HR2360 Mower Complete *

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Product Details

SELF-CONTAINED MOWER. No Hydraulics Needed on Tractor.

  • Hydraulic Oil Cooler! Now Standard Equipment (allows operation at higher ambient temperatures)
  • Convenient 4-Axis Single Joystick Control
  • Rugged 23 ft. – Reach Boom
  • Category II and III, 3-Point Mounting
  • No-Drift Load Holding Valve
  • Automatic Integrated, Vertical and Horizontal Hydraulic Break-Away
  • Folds Behind Tractor for Compact Transport
  • Blade Tip Speed 19,000 FPM
  • Heavy Duty Cutting Blades 5/8” X 6 X 12, Reversible
  • PTO Operating Speed 1,000 RPM
  • Cutting Capacity up to 4" in Diameter
  • Flip-up Cutting Gate
Mower comes fully assembled including 55 gallons of hydraulic oil. (Some tractors may require additional ballast or weights.)
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