Bird Duster
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The Hardee Bird Duster is a machine made for both the sportsman and the farmer. This machine has a 72” deck and is equipped with patented blades made to “beat” the kernels off of a corn cob and the seeds out of a sunflower. With the exhaust opening on the right rear, this machine then “slings” the kernels or seeds 20+ feet across your field for the birds to dine on. This machine can also easily be converted into a traditional cutter with a change of the blades and a switch out of the exhaust cover in the back. It is made with a Heavy Duty 540 RPM – 90 HP flange mounted gearbox, round blade carrier, shielded drive shaft with slip clutch, rubber shielding, laminated tail wheel and replaceable skid shoes. The tractor horsepower for this machine should be between 35HP and 85HP.